Twenty Reasons To Love Readeez Folderfuls

(If you're more into video, there's a Readee at the end of this post.)

Our first Folderful, "Money Math," is now available. Get it here.


1. They're a fun way to learn important stuff. Each Folderful is narrowly focused on a single subject. And the subjects are ones early-childhood educators agree kids should know. This crucial content is more easily mastered when it's presented in the novel, enjoyable forms you find in a Folderful.

2. Words are the stars. Literacy is a primary goal for young learners. In Readeez, both the audio and the video put words center-stage. Onscreen text is big and bold. And the music production is geared to provide clear, easy-to-understand lyrics.

3. They meet kids where they are. Kids are comfortable with songs and with videos—especially kids who are too young to read. By presenting such a wealth of written language, Readeez videos help young children get more familiar and confident with the printed word.

4. They're standards-based. In recent years we've worked closely with respected early-childhood educators. And we've thoroughly studied the Common Core State Standards documents. Folderfuls are a response to what parents, teachers and curriculum designers have told us. 

5. The songs are hard to resist. Like the best children's media—Sesame Street, Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood, Schoolhouse Rock—Readeez serve up educational content in a delicious wrapper of well-crafted music. Kids enjoy our songs. They watch and listen again and again. And they learn. 

6. There's repetition, but not ad nauseum. The songs feature catchy choruses with just the right amount of repeated words. Enough to foster learning and memorization. Not enough to drive you crazy.

meet the clock still.tif

7. They accommodate different learning styles. Some kids are visual learners. Others process information better with their ears. Folderfuls use a multi-sensory approach that raises the chances of making a connection with every child. And yes, we are working on ways to taste, smell and touch the learning.

8. They take an intuitive, immersive approach. With Readeez, kids learn to read the same way they learn to speak: by being immersed in the language. We don't just feature a word here, a letter there. Readeez clearly spell out, in writing and aloud, every syllable of every word. 

9. The music moves with you. The MP3s that come with each Folderful act as a stealth delivery mechanism for literacy education. In the car, the kitchen, the bathtub—wherever your kids listen to music they can enjoy Readeez content. Then, when they encounter those words again, onscreen or in print, they're more likely to recognize them.


10. The drawings are adorable. If you're a fan of Peanuts or Calvin & Hobbes, you'll appreciate Gerry O'Neill's quirky-yet-classic style.

11. The graphic design is a breath of fresh air. Clean, clear, uncluttered. Readeez provide welcome relief from the busy, color-soaked layouts of most kids' content. 

12. They're completely commercial-free. No intrusive messages about cereal, toys or fast food. Not even a "made possible by." We are fiercely, proudly indie. 

13. Even when they're teaching math, they're teaching reading. Learn a little about SyllableSync and you'll understand its power—and how it's working behind the scenes in every word of every Readee. 

14. Julian and Isabel are soooo nice. The father-daughter duo featured in Readeez are friendly, likeable characters. They don't speak or sing in grating, cartoonish voices. They're never mean or sarcastic. They clearly love each other. And they're…nice. 

julian guitar.jpg

15. The perfect form-factor. Readeez songs and videos are short—deliberately so. These snack-sized lessons are designed with young attention spans in mind. They make their point and then they're done. If you're looking for something to babysit your kids, this ain't it.

16. The eBooks are a boon for kids and grownups. Beginning readers will really enjoy decoding the words (onscreen or printed out) to their favorite Readeez tunes. Parents and teachers will love having a new print resource to share with kids—especially one that dovetails so well with audio and video content. 

17. Folderfuls feature new Readeez songs and videos you won't find anywhere else. Not on YouTube. Or Facebook. Or Vimeo. Or Delicious. Or MySpace. Or Friendster. Or The Economist. Or anywhere. 

18. They're an amazing value. At just $9.99 for an instant-download product that includes video, MP3 files and a full-color, printable eBook, Readeez Folderfuls are a no-brainer purchase for the kids. 

19. Awesome interactive iPhone/iPad Apps. In development right now are some supercool Folderfuls mobile applications. They'll include and expand upon the Folderfuls content. Check back at for details. 

20. You know the guy who makes them. It's me. Michael Rachap. I'm the writer, producer and creator of Readeez. And I'd love to hear from you with comments or suggestions for future products. Write to me: michael at

21. Oh, and here's the scoop on Folderfuls—in Readeez form