The Readeez Money Math Folderful

Want to make math fun for your kids? Try a little music: 

The Readeez Money Math Folderful was created at the suggestion of the faculty of a prominent American elementary school. Their students, as young as age three, were beginning a unit on coin-counting and one of the teachers (a Readeez fan) asked if we would produce content on the topic.

So we invented Folderfuls

The Money Math Folderful contains:

• One video file (MP4 format, extension .m2v, format, approx. 7:40) 

• Five MP3 files (unprotected)

• 1 full-color eBook (PDF form; printable at 8.5 x 11)

• Artwork for the MP3 files

• A "Read Me" file

Working with coins is a great way for children to gain a variety of math skills, including addition, skip-counting, problem-solving and more. Of course you'll want to give kids actual coins to practice with—they make great manipulatives. And there are lots of real-world opportunities for making change. Parents, let kids help!

The songs: 

"The Value of a Dollar"presents ways of making change for a dollar using quarters, dimes, nickels and pennies. It also provides a few alternate permutations (there are 293 in all, if you include half-dollar and dollar coins).

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"Penny, You're The One" includes penny-equivalents for a nickel, dime, quarter and dollar. Also counsels youngsters to "save your pennies and your fortune has begun."

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"Nickelish" includes skip-counting by fives to one hundred. And while frugality is important (see above), Isabel claims she's going to share her nickels with her friends.

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"Dime and Dime Again" features skip-counting by tens to one hundred. The repeated line "ten pennies equal a dime" will help kids remember this indisputable fact.

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"Quarterrific" establishes that quarters are worth 25 cents each and gives cent-equivalents for one, two, three and four quarters. Also advises listeners to "start with the quarters" when counting a mixed group of coins.

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