The Story That Unfolds in Readeez Volume Two

A father in Florida recently wrote to me:

Michael, I think you touched on something immense when you tied together Volume Two with the theme of climbing Mt. Wayupthere. Previously, Readeez seemed like entirely independent little creations -- each one a perfect bite-sized chunk requiring little long-term attention-span. When my kids (now 4 and 7) saw the new DVD, I think the theme tied it all together in such a way that my kids were almost obligated -- no, that's the wrong word; perhaps obsessed -- to watch the DVD all the way through, so they'd find out if they made it up the mountain!

We watched it twice without stopping before they let me even pause it!

Having that theme tie the production together, I think made this one much more captivating, particularly for my daughter, who is obsessed with stories. She is constantly telling stories, reading stories, or thinking about the creation of stories. ("Dad, the first thing a good story has to have is a problem... all good stories have to have a problem in them!")

The story you presented is relatively simple, but it tied the DVD together with only, what, four Readeez. That's amazing! I was surprised by how compelling the "make it up the mountain" story was for my children, particularly in light of how relatively few episodes it took to communicate it effectively. I think that's a great mixture: telling a story, while allowing for all the other crazy Readeez that we crave! I think there's a wealth of potential there for you with that mixture.

My daughter's favorite song is the opening one ("Make It Up The Mountain") -- and I think I almost agree with her. It's longer than the regular-sized tunes, and I think it's probably one of the more interesting ones you've composed yet.

Below is a preview of the song. You can enjoy the whole thing, and all of Julian and Isabel's adventure, on Readeez Volume Two