Two Dads, Two Continents, Four Daughters

A dad in Cambridge, Mass., USA writes:


MESSAGE: Hi Readeez Team. We found your website this morning, purchased the "combo" package. Both my daughters have been mesmerized.

My eldest has some learning disabilities, so your voice-to-text coupling is awesome. Your production quality is amazing.

I am hoping that Readeez will finally eradicate Caillou and Arthur from our house! 


A dad in Mae Sot, Tak, Thailand, writes:

MESSAGE: A few CEOs (including Steve Jobs) have been known to respond to customer emails themselves, and I found that you were one of them.

My daughters are two years old and two months old. I will tell them that you a friendly teacher and father. 

Thanks for your love and make this world better.


My thanks to you, dads (and moms and kids), for allowing me to contribute to your lives.