What Do You Feed a Hungry Child?

Today's post-holiday topic is Diet—not the stuff we take in through our mouths but what we consume with our eyes and ears.

Do you take your kids to museums? Or the zoo? Do you go for family walks in the woods? Is the music you play at home stimulating and nourishing? Do you read wonderful, joy-filled books to your kids?

Children thrive on learning. They crave knowledge and they devour information. As a parent, you have a huge say in the quality and quantity of your kids' mental diet. It can be junk food or it can be something sustaining.


Readeez are literally homemade. In fact, much of the work is done in my kitchen:

The ingredients of a Readee: 

1) Common sight words (with a few fancy words thrown in for seasoning)

2) Hand-drawn pictures by Mr. O.

3) Music by my friends and me. 

That's it—no additives, no ads. 

And each and every Readee is made with lots of love. Bon appétit!