Where Have All The Good Dads Gone?

I'm going to speak just to fathers in this post, so all you un-Dads are excused. (You could maybe go for a walk in the woods—that's always nice.)

Okay, Dads: When's the last time you saw a positive father-child relationship in something your kid was watching on TV? And I don't mean 29 minutes of sitcom sarcasm and arguing followed by one minute of kiss-and-make-up. 

Kind of a head-scratcher, right?

I don't watch much television but I'm pretty sure there's nothing in the broadcast or cable worlds that regularly portrays kind, loving interactions the way Readeez do. 

Julian Waters and his daughter Isabel don't just love each other. They like each other. They encourage each other. They do things together. They sing together. In harmony. How different is that? 

It's a positive example for the Dads and a positive example for the kids. 

Here's what a father in Florida wrote to me earlier this year:

"The relationship between the dad and Isabel is extremely inspiring. My daughter is six years old and if I call out, "Emmaline, it's time for... Geometreez" she grins hugely and runs right out to join the act!  

Even further, however, I think the interactions that are modeled between the father and daughter are a great encouragement to fathers today, many of whom struggle in their relationships with their children, particularly daughters."

And a Dad/blogger started his recent review of Readeez Volume Two by reporting that he and his daughter repeatedly sing the Julian/Isabel parts of "April Fool" to one another. 

I'm not sure why the world of children's video is dominated by orphans, animals and puppets (and whatever those things are in Teletubbies), but I know that with Readeez there's at least one place to see human beings behaving toward each other with humanity.

This one's for you, Dads: