Why Readeez Are Free, And Where To Buy Them

I've never been much of a salesman. This helps explain why I left advertising, and a six-figure income, more than a decade ago. 

I'm just not comfortable giving advice. "Here's what you should do: Buy this. You will like it." How can I know what you will like? I can't even reliably predict what I'll like. 


Okay, but one thing I've noticed these past few years is that I genuinely like making Readeez. I'd even say I love it. It's my passion, my raison d'etre (workwise, anyway—my real raison is to be a good person and to love my family and friends).

I've also noticed I like watching Readeez. And I love sharing them with people. 

So there's a whole bunch of places online where, collectively, you can see just about every Readee I've made (somewhere around eighty, I think). There's our YouTube channel, our Facebook page, our Vimeo channel, the Readeez site—they're not hard to find.

A number of people (some of them my close relatives) have expressed the concern that I'm "giving the store away" by providing so much free content. "Why would people buy your DVDs if they can watch the videos online?" 

The reason I do it this way is simple.

I'm an idiot.

No, wait. That's too harsh. It's more like I'm a child. And the moment I finish my little song or Readee or finger painting or whatever, I run up to the nearest stranger and say, "Hey! Look what I made!" 

Perhaps if I were more commercially savvy I would say "Hey! Look at some of what I made. Wanna buy the rest?" Or, if I were a different person, I would sign up some sponsors to put their ads around my "free" content. But no.


One of the ironic aspects of my life is this: I have a degree in Marketing (summa cum laude, thank you very much) yet as CEO of The Readeez Company I spend far more time producing my products than marketing them. The whipped cream on top of the irony is that, unlike the hundreds of products and services I was paid handsomely to tout as ad writer, Readeez are something I personally believe to be great.

In my opinion, the best way to watch Readeez is on the DVDs. They look and sound their best, you can use "Choose A Readee" to go right to your faves, plus you get the nice little "story" bits between Julian and Isabel that create a larger narrative. 


So here's the pitch: Watch some Readeez, and if you like them, buy a DVD or CD. Take it from me—they're excellent. 


P.S.: You can also help me—and help keep Readeez alive—by spreading the word. Share our site with friends, blog about us, tweet about us, become a Fan on Facebook.  



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P.P.S. Just letting me know what you think of Readeez is always, always welcome.